Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring has sprung!

I know I don't update very often, but I'm not sure if anyone actually reads this. ;)

I hope that everyone is having a lovely spring. We are enjoying the weather, especially now that the rain has let up, and Nora is enjoying being two and a half. For Easter, we visited the Easter Bunny at a local candy shop


We went to an egg hunt by the lake in our neighborhood


And today after Easter services at our church, we attended a party at a gorgeous Druid Hills home. There was plenty of delicious food, and there was candy! Lots of it!


The little girl searching with Nora is named Julia, and she is just the sweetest thing. She loves younger children! She has been a friend to Nora ever since Nora was old enough to toddle around, and this year she totally took Nora under her wing and helped her find eggs.

My girl has so much personality. Today at the party, everyone commented on her energy and exuberance. It's so fun to see her blossom. She tells me that her favorite song is (still) "Johnny Giraffe," her favorite movie is The Jungle Book, and "Daddy's favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast." (Not sure how accurate that last one is.) Next time you see her, she may ask you what your favorite letter is. Today, hers was "B." She loves polka dots, Tinkerbell, soccer (well, kicking a ball, any ball - she calls that "soccer"), and her friends. We just finished reading A.A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh and we're going to start the original Raggedy Ann this week. I love her so much!