Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy fall!

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We just got back from a very relaxing week in the North Georgia mountains with the Johnson family. Bill and Debby came up from Florida and Lacey and Rob came from South Carolina. Nora and I were there all week; Jason managed to spend most of the week there but came back and worked a couple of days in the middle of the week.

We have been traveling quite a bit lately. We went to Sandestin for my birthday in August; spent a week in Mobile, Alabama in September; flew to Connecticut and drove back with Jessie and her family in early October; and then the mountains in November. We've been back for a little less than a week, but we're already gearing up to head to Pensacola for Thanksgiving. We're hoping to visit with a bunch of friends and get to see a lot of our Glass relatives, whom we don't get to see as frequently. Nora can't wait for December when she will get to visit with her MeMe (who lives in Washington state right now) in Pensacola. She loves talking to her MeMe on the phone and just recently received a cool stained glass coloring book from her in the mail!

Nora just finished up a session of Music Class. We've been going for about a year and she is just nuts about it. This session she had some very clear favorite songs, including one called "Johnny Giraffe" (luckily Mommy and Daddy like that one, too). We're going to sign up for the next session, which begins in December. We're also hoping to do swim lessons again soon. I am volunteering with a couple of organizations (and socializing a lot, too) and Jason is still enjoying his job - and particularly the success and stability of his company in light of recent economic events. Recently we have really been loving and appreciating our awesome church and all that it has to offer. Our family stays really busy and we're always having fun. We are definitely blessed.

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