Friday, May 21, 2010

My biggest challenge this summer is to make sure everybody stays busy and engaged. The last thing I want to do is look up and find that we spent the summer on the couch. Nora's starting swim lessons next week and later in the summer is doing both VBS and summer camp at her new preschool. In the meantime, though, I'm trying to arrange a lot of playdates and outings to keep us all from going insane.

This week, though, the first week after school got out, was a quiet week. We played with friends a couple of times, watered the garden, and Nora practiced riding her bike with her Jason in the evening. One evening we picked Jason up from work and we all went to the Botanical Garden and then had dinner at Atlantic Station. Mostly, though, we've been home. We've slipped into a nice little pattern where I get to spend some alone time with each girl. Mid-morning, Anneliese goes down for a nap and I have time to play with Nora. We play a game or read a few books, have lunch, and get ready for Nora's nap. If I'm lucky and Nora falls asleep right away, Anneliese will wake up happy and I have some time with her. We curl up on the couch and I open the blinds and watch the sun stream on her sweet little face. I take pictures. I can hear her little giggles better than usual because the house is silent. I've even taken a few quiet videos--and most of the ones I take the rest of the time she will have to one day watch in mute because there is almost always music or TV or, most likely, Jason talking in the background. Love those times--that I can still carve out some quiet cuddles with Nora, and that I have time to slowly get to know sweet Anneliese.


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