Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New phone

I finally joined the rest if the world and got an iPhone. My old phone had been limping along at death's door for a while. Finally, the day before I was to hop a flight to St Louis, the battery stopped working completely. There were no replacement batteries to be found because the phone was soooooo old (you know, two years old). Several hundred dollars later, I now have an iPhone, insurance for it, and supposedly the most bulky and kidproof case available. Woohoo! And now I get to update my blog from bed...

Except this program I downloaded to update the blog doesn't seem all that great. I can't add pics.

BRB. Depending on your definition of the word "right."


Meagan Glover said...

I'm jealous! I've got a prepaid cell phone. I try to only use it texting and brief calls. Lately I've been needing more minutes and feeling the "need" to stay connected.

I hope you enjoy it!

Blair said...

I'm not really a "phone" person, which is one reason I held out for so long. But when I think of it as a portable computer, well, that I can dig. And I'm enjoying it and finding it very useful, so I guess it's money well spent! Particularly since I am able to piggyback on a family plan that makes it far more affordable than most plans out there.

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