Monday, April 26, 2010

Nora and Anneliese got their first bath together tonight. A friend loaned us this bath seat thing; it's like a mesh bouncer that she can recline in. We put a few inches of water in the tub and plopped them in. At first, she wasn't so sure. This girl hasn't had a lot of baths in her life because Mama's lazy (and Mama believes it's not necessary for tinies). After I snapped a couple of pictures, I left Jason in there with the girls and went to do something in the kitchen. I heard the sound of giggling and singing. That took me back to my own childhood! A few minutes later Jason had finished bathing Anneliese and Nora had dumped a cup of water on her too forcefully and the whole situation kind of devolved, as expected.

We had lettuce out of our garden this evening. I said that it was maybe the best lettuce I've had in my entire life. Part of it was that it was a darn good variety of lettuce. The other part is that my pride in my garden tastes goooooood. The rest of the salad ingredients came from Whole Foods ($5 for cherry tomatoes say what?), but I'm looking forward to the day we get to harvest our own cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. The tomato plants are looking great; we'll probably need to set up our trellis soon. I got a bell pepper transplant at our church plant sale on Saturday. I abused it for the rest of the weekend (left it in the trunk of the car, it got knocked over) but it looked like it still had some life in it when I planted it, so we'll see. I also sowed the cucumber seeds today. We have four squares left and we're trying to decide what to do. I'm thinking beans--bush or pole? I would love some kind of squash, but don't have the room right now. Basil? Beets? I'm already thinking ahead to summer and fall, too.

Here's what things are looking like these days.


Now I'm off to work on my La Leche League application, which I've been working on for literally years now. I'm feeling all fired up about some stuff and ready to be done with the application part so I can get in the trenches and help some people.

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