Tuesday, April 27, 2010


This post is mostly pictures since I haven't posted any since Anneliese has been born. Also, if you're friends with me on FB, these are mostly different than the ones I posted there. Let's go in chronological order.

Just for fun, here's Jason the day before Anneliese was born, as we were leaving for Barnsley. This is after it had been snowing for about an hour. Note: this amount of snow is absolutely crazy for Atlanta and pretty much the biggest snowfall I've ever experienced. I haven't posted my birth story, but it begins with a car trip from Barnsley to Emory Midtown, and at times I thought I might give birth in the car. (I totally didn't, though.)


First pic Jason took of Anneliese. In fact, ONLY PIC JASON TOOK during labor, delivery, or afterwards. The next pictures on my camera were from seven hours later when I got a hold of it. I cried, "This is the only picture you took?!" and he said, "Hmm. I could have sworn I took more." I later got some from my doula (thank God).


Some time in the first day or so.


Four days old (with major jaundice, which isn't as apparent here as it is in other pictures, but she was yellow).


Two weeks.


Also two weeks, looking a lot like Nora in the profile, but her other features are pretty different, I think.


Three weeks.


Recent--9ish weeks.


Nora on Easter.


And--this is how I sign off just about every email these days--baby's awake, gotta go.

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