Thursday, June 24, 2010

So today was a little better, but I'm looking forward to the day when things are a lot better. My sanity is still a little precarious. Tomorrow we're going to Fernbank with some friends to see the gecko exhibit, so that's fun. Even when I'm feeling frustrated with Nora, there are things that she says and does that are so sweet, so precious. That helps, a lot. Even when she's woken the baby for the third time.

Yesterday something happened and I'm pretty sure I've never related to my own mother so much. She was always complaining about how we would follow her into the bathroom. I never saw what the big deal was--I mean, what's a little togetherness between a girl and her mom?--until I became a mother myself. Nora followed me into the bathroom.

"Can I have a little privacy?" I asked.

"Sure," she said enthusiastically. "I'll just go right over here." Right over here being, you know, 6 inches away from me with her standing in the tub, hiding behind the shower curtain. So private! Then she wanted me to play a game where I guess "for a long time!" (meaning I wasn't supposed to guess it was her right away) who was hiding behind the shower curtain. How many moms get behind-the-shower-curtain trivia while trying to use the restroom? I'm a lucky lady.

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