Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sweet Anneliese Joy

Anneliese is so sweet these days. She's happy, smiling, and really into grabbing her feet. She wakes up after I release her from her swaddle (if she hasn't released herself--the only one she can't bust out of is the Woombie), lies in bed giggling for a while. She kicks so vigorously sometimes I'll come back and find her in a position 45 or 90 degrees different from where I left her.


In some ways I'm in such a hurry for her to get older so I can talk to her, see what makes her tick, develop that side of the mother-daughter relationship that I love so much. But I have to remind myself--what's the rush? She'll get there eventually, but the joy of having an almost 4 month old is short-lived. She changes every single day! How is it possible? One of my favorite moments with her is when she falls asleep nursing and I get up to put her in bed. Her soft little body curls against my arm, her neck snuggling my elbow. She is still so light in my arms.

Was gonna tell you some Nora stuff, but I'm still in that phase of motherhood where good hygiene is a "luxury," so I need to grab a shower.

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