Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It is a cold, blustery day here in Atlanta. Unlike most people I know, I like the low temperatures. I don't like the damp and the gray, though, and I don't like having to choose weather-appropriate clothes for my children because I'm just not very good at that. If you see me carrying my baby and she's wearing questionable attire, just remember that I'm

a) from Florida


b) hot-natured

and take pity on my child. If you see Nora wearing questionable attire, well, she's 4.5, so I can't always been responsible for what she ends up wearing. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Anneliese has been sort-of crawling (scooting?) since she was 7 months old, but two days ago I looked up and she was really-for-real crawling. She's been a little more adventuresome lately. It's cute. I'm quite seriously afraid she might try to crawl through the cat door to the basement, so I suppose we should do some baby-proofing. My mom remarked that she seems really quiet compared to Nora, but I think she she says a lot, she's just much more shy. Most children will look shy compared to Nora, though. Yesterday I noticed two new teeth, but I think there are more on the way. Right about now I'm bummed that the homeopathic teething tablets we used were recalled. At 11.5 months, Anneliese says "mama,"  "dada," and "dat?" She babbles a lot of other things we don't understand. She will totally imitate our inflections as we chat or sing to her. It's super cute.

I have a neat idea about how to revitalize this blog and get Nora involved. More on that soon, I hope!

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Monika said...

Ohhhh it'll be fun to have Nora involved on the blog! Yay!! :)

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