Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Anneliese's first blog post

Anneliese is clearly adept with technology as, at the age of 16 months, she has written and published her first blog post AND included a video. When my friend Dara e-mailed me and said, "That video
of Anneliese is cute!" my first response was, "What video?" I searched my phone and found a rogue video apparently recorded under my computer desk. The next question was, "Where?" I didn't see it on Facebook. Turned out she used Posterous to post it here. I'm just glad it didn't feature me (Nora takes horrifying digital photos of me, often undressed) or any of the more embarrassing parts of my house.

Speaking of Posterous, i never did figure out what the deal was. After hearing an NPR piece about Tumblr I feel like it may be more my style, but I'm afraid if I move everything over there it will suddenly go the way of MySpace. I've been reading or writing blogs since before they were called blogs. I've never been very prolific but I have seen a lot of platforms cone and go.

'tis all.

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Meagan Glover said...

Ha ha ha! That is too funny.

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