Sunday, December 7, 2008

Another week is gone....

The weeks go by so quickly. There are a bunch of friends I keep meaning to make plans with. We still have to put up the Christmas tree. We want to take Nora to ride on the Pink Pig at Lenox Mall (an Atlanta holiday tradition) and to see Santa Claus, and to get some pictures made in one of her holiday dresses.... I need to make a list or something.

We're home sick from church this morning. I was looking forward to a few things that were happening this morning and I ended up missing those things. Nora and I had a stomach bug yesterday that also kept us home from a Christmas party we had been planning to attend. Bummer. With luck we'll both be feeling better by tomorrow and we can have a normal, productive week.

We got a new neighbor this week! We're very excited about this because the house, which is right next door to us (as well as several other houses in our general vicinity), has been empty the entire three years we've lived here. I met the guy who is moving in and he seems really nice. He bought the house for a song and I think he got an amazing deal considering the fact that it's about the same size as our house and, like ours, has been recently renovated. (It's also rather depressing to think about what his amazing deal does for our home value, but let's be like Scarlett O'Hara and think about that another day.) We also have new neighbors (renters, I think) across the street that I haven't met yet, and another recently renovated house that may be occupied soon. I'm feeling really optimistic about all of this. We had hoped to be in another house and another neighborhood by now, but with the market the way it is I think we'll be here another couple of years, at least. Our neighborhood association seems to finally be getting legs and that's a really positive thing, too.

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