Monday, December 22, 2008

A recent Nora-ism

Nora has been speaking out against affectionate nicknames recently. Hardly a day goes past when she reminds me, "I'm Nora!"

It usually goes something like this. We'll be in the car and,

Nora: Mommy, I want a snack!
Me: It's almost time for lunch.
Nora: I want a snack!
Me: Babe, we'll be home in just a minute.
Nora: I not babe, I'm Nora!

We also have a little game we like to play. Since she's been very little, I've called her my "Bits." I started out calling her "Little Bit," but that wasn't right, so the nickname evolved and had several incarnations before we settled on Bits or the Bits. It sounds really cheesy when I type it out, but aren't most nicknames are like that?

Me: Are you my pits?
Nora: No!
Me: Are you my spits?
Nora: No!
Me: My bots? Spots? Pots? Are you my knits?
Nora: No! I your Bits!

From what I gather, it's okay to call her Bits, but she's not too crazy about honey, sweetie, baby, etc. I'll try to keep that in mind.

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Lindsay Mast said...

I now call all children 'baby.' Can't help it; it's just how I roll. I am just waiting for one of them to get offended.

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