Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm trying to keep my resolution to update the blog more! No pictures for a while, though, because my camera cord broke. The other way of transferring photos isn't working, either. I'll have to see about that... one day.

Nora's birthday was great! I was a little worried about the informal playgroup I had planned. Many of our friends weren't able to make it for various reasons. A few people canceled at the last minute because of illness. Then it started raining right as we were beginning--and we were holding it outdoors, at a park! We moved it indoors to Leapin' Lizards, a few of our awesome friends were able to make it, and all was well. Nora had a fantastic time playing with the other kids. She had a great day. In fact, here's a picture from pre-camera cord loss.

This was taken after a long afternoon of play.


The weekend after her birthday, we went to Pensacola Beach and stayed in a condo for a few days. Woohoo! I lived in Pensacola for many years, but I've never seen it through a tourist's eyes before. It was awesome. The condo was a high-rise, which I didn't think I would like, but then we walked in and saw the view. Breathtaking! We had a few people over Saturday afternoon for presents, food, and cake, but spent the rest of the weekend in the pool or at the beach. Highlight? The calm, clear, beautiful Gulf. Lowlight? Jason lost his wedding ring in the calm, clear, beautiful Gulf. It just slid off of his finger. I posted a "Lost & Found" ad on Pensacola Craigslist, but I don't have high hopes.

On my actual day of birth, we got up and enjoyed the beach one last time. Then we packed up the car and started (slowly) heading back towards Atlanta. It took us a while to get packed, then we got deterred by a quest for gumbo. We found the gumbo at Sam's Seafood, but although it was delicious, they took forever serving us. Then we had to drive through town and drop some stuff off at my mom's, so it was pretty late when we hit the road for real. We stopped and ate dinner at Panera Bread in Montgomery, and I bought myself some maternity tops at Motherhood since I like short sleeves year-round and they were on sale. We got home really late that night.

Thursday was Nora's first ballet class. She love, love, loved it! I was so excited for her as we got settled in the classroom. I got her shoes on and within seconds she was joyfully running around with the other girls, waiting for the teacher to get there. I was a little bit surprised when we parents got kicked out right away, though! I'd been looking forward to having time to do other things while she was in class, but I would have liked to watch a little bit more closely, at least that first day. We could watch through a glass door, but that didn't provide much of a view, especially with a bunch of other parents jockeying for position. Next week they will be in another room, one with a glass wall, so we should be able to see more even if we can't hear anything.

This week we have preschool parents' night and open house. Next week, the first week of preschool! I'm not sure who is more excited, me or Nora. I'm excited because this is a big milestone for my confident, independent girl. Today at her 3 year check up, the doctor asked her what she was most looking forward to about school. She paused and then said decidedly, "I'm the most excited about going outside." All right, then! I'm excited about that for her. Woohoo!

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Monika said...

whoa... I looked at that pic and thought she totally looks like Jason... then looked again and totally saw you. LOL She's definitely her parents' kid!!

Yay for ballet class!

And, I'm glad for you to blog more. :)

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