Friday, October 22, 2010

Moving + I feel like I'm falling for fall

Did I mention that we're moving?

Moving. Moving brings out, ummmmm... qualities. Probably not anybody's best qualities. At least, not anyone in my family's best qualities. There are a lot of awesome things about moving, though. The most awesome thing will be when it is done.

My time management skills are not that great, but they are evolving. They kind of have to.

I am trying to embrace my inner decorator. She is hiding under a shabby chair in the corner of my brain, but I am trying to coax her out. I am also leaning on super-smart, creative, and supportive friends who will help me pick paint colors and moldings and also remind me that it will all be over soon enough, except for the part that will probably be a work in progress for years to come, but that will be much more bearable once we're living in the new house. I think.

Anneliese is 8 months old, sort of crawling but only backwards, and sort of sitting up (both of my girls have taken a while to master this). She has the most hilarious giggle fits. She has two teeth and one on the way. She has serious separation anxiety, which is tough on both of us at times, but we'll get through it.

Nora is 4 years old, sort of sassy in a new and frustrating way, but still so kindhearted and loving that it makes my heart explode. She is reading paragraphs. She didn't want to write a single letter until she started her new school a couple of months ago, but now she is writing all kinds of stuff, which is especially neat since they didn't teach her that stuff at school, she just saw some of the other kids writing and decided she wanted to give it a shot. These days, when Nora gets angry, she is very dramatic. It's sort of hilarious, but I try not to let on that I think so. The other day she intercepted the American Girls catalog and she wants one of everything, but don't we all?

As always, the pose was her idea...

Tomorrow we hope to

  • stop by the bank
  • visit Sandy Springs Farmer's Market to pick up our meat CSA share and some veggies
  • go to some builder's supply store that is supposedly cheaper than Lowe's or Ace (we'll see)
  • pick up some moving boxes from a Freecycler (I hope!)
  • work on the house while Nora watches movies and I wear Anneliese on my back (ummm, maybe!)
  • attend the Candler Park Fall Festival (really doubt it but I can dream)

 Jason at the Candler Park Fall Fest his first fall in Atlanta, 2002

Happy fall weekend to you!

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Can't wait to see the new place!

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